Pure Data riding the filter

You’ll be seeing a lot of screencast videos demonstrating this sort of thing.

What you’re looking at here is Pure Data running two “drunk” objects (as in a random or “drunk” walk along a number line) and sending each result to their own MIDI CC number, which are mapped to the frequency and resonance parameters on Ableton’s Auto Filter effect. I’m just using the good ol’ Amen Break running through Audio Damage’s Automaton VST to demonstrate this. (I love Audio Damage plugins). Something like this would be ideal for me when I’m playing a keyboard line on a polyphonic synth and I don’t have any hands free to do a sweep.

Oh, if you click the “GITHUB” link on the menu at the top, it’ll take you to my Github repository where I keep various and sundry Pure Data patches for anyone to use for their own nefarious purposes, license-free and guilt-free.

I might post more tutorial stuff. I dunno. Who’s even reading this shit?

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